Rodeo Wagon
Jakarta Cafe
Farmer John
Harmony Specialty Dairy Foods
Leia’s Lunchbox
The Rigby
Taquitos Marimar
Riverside Foods
Middleton BBQ
Slide Food Cart and Beyond Catering
Cedar Grove Cheese


3:15 – 4:15 – TREEMO – Treemo is a Madison-based three-piece acoustic band that will knock your socks off and make your toes curl. They really like to giggle and gossip and call each other “girl” when Treemo is together.

Electricity is not needed for Treemo. Exactly what you want in a band – Original music performed with an acoustic guitar, sweet female/male harmonies and a guy named Tregre playing a big ol’ upright bass.

Mixture between Louie Armstrong, Loretta Lynn, The Moldy Peaches and Buddy Holly.

4:30 – 6:00 – OEDIPUS TEX – Both El Valiente and Oedipus Tex evoke a certain type of desert loneliness with shimmering finger-picked guitar lines and tragic melodies that swell and recede, a sound equally fitting for a cowboy at a campfire and an indie rocker at a dive bar. While a number of forces have conspired to create this sound, it has much to do with Caldera’s upbringing in Texas.


A detailed parking map can be found below. All highlighted lots will be free of charge to park. Parking attendants and signage will direct you into the appropriate lots. Event attendees are also encouraged to bike to the event.