Hurling and Gaelic football are the national sports of Ireland and two of the world’s fastest and most exciting field games! On Saturday, May 13 the Madison Hurling and Gaelic Football Clubs will square off against the Milwaukee Hurling and Gaelic Football Clubs for three matches.

Games will be played at Breese Stevens Field beginning at 3:00 PM with the men’s football game, followed by women’s football at 4:00 PM and concluding with the hurling match at 5:30 PM. Gates open at 2:00 PM and admission is free.

If you haven’t heard of the sport, not to worry! There will be a drills and skills seminar between matches led by the players themselves. Madison Hurling and Gaelic Football Clubs were founded in 2007 by seven local original members. The Madison clubs have quickly risen to become a formidable competitor at the national level, winning a hurling national championship in 2015. Club membership is open to all players aged 16 and up. More information about the teams can be found online at, or by “liking” the clubs’ Facebook pages.

Hurling is an ancient game and one of the national sports of Ireland. Widely considered to be the fastest game on grass, the game consists of two teams of 15 trying to drive a ball down the field with a stick in order to score against each other. Without a doubt, it is one of the most skillful sports played today. When first experiencing a hurling match (either watching or playing), you’ll notice that the components of other sports such as baseball, field hockey, rugby, and soccer are utilized in the game. A good hurler uses many skills that require agility, bravery, fitness, hand-eye coordination, strength, and teamwork.

Gaelic football is an Irish team sport similar to soccer and rugby. The ball is similar to a soccer ball, but in a Gaelic football game, you can catch it with your hands and you won’t be called for a foul! Players advance the ball by dribbling (“soloing”), hand passing and kicking the ball to teammates.



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