In 2018, Breese Stevens Field announced “Bike to Breese” – the new bike parking plan for all large scale events at the downtown stadium. Bike to Breese features an indoor bike valet for large events, increased bike parking at all events, and information about biking to events at Breese Stevens Field.

In a continued effort to increase accessibility and address parking issues, Breese Stevens Field encourages all event attendees to skip downtown vehicle parking and bike to all of the great events located at the stadium.

Many events will also now feature a free indoor bike valet. The bike valet will be located on Mifflin Street, near Brearly Street. This area will be staffed throughout the entire event. Breese Stevens Field staff will park your bike in a secure indoor area, inflate tires, and clean your bike if requested. Bike racks are being provided by the Wisconsin Bike Federation and Saris.