2016 Catch & Reel Movies Announced

BY: The Cap Times

The votes are in, and Madison wants to see “Big,” “Incredible,” “Force”-ful movies at Breese Stevens Field this summer.

The Cap Times is a co-sponsor of the “Catch & Reel” film series at Breese Stevens, which is now under management by Big Top Baseball (which also manages the Madison Mallards). In addition to opening up the historic 86-year-old stadium to concerts by Steve Miller and Wilco, the “Catch & Reel” series will mix a fish fry and a free movie once a month throughout the summer.

Big Top came up with the themes for each night, and Cap Times film critic Rob Thomas helped come up with a list of four great movies for each category. Then we left it in your hands, Dear Reader, to vote online about which movies should be shown on the big 30-foot outdoor screen.

Here’s what you chose:

June 10 – “Superheroes”

This one wasn’t even close, as Pixar’s 2004 classic “The Incredibles” was well ahead of the first runner-up, Disney’s “Big Hero 6.” Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man” got 14 votes, and “Spider-Man 2,” considered the best live-action superhero movie of all time by some critics, got a measly four votes.

July 15 – “Star Wars”

Also not even close. Apparently even if many of you bought “The Force Awakens” on Blu-ray this week, you’re happy to see it again on the big screen. It got more than twice the votes of the original “Star Wars,” followed by “Empire Strikes Back” and finally “Return of the Jedi.” (We didn’t even bother to ask about the prequels.)

Aug. 12 – The Coen brothers

Not a huge surprise here that “The Big Lebowski,” will really tie a field together, as the Coens’ aging hippie ode to Raymond Chandler novels is a modern classic. But it got strong competition from the sepia-toned country comedy “O Brother Where Art Thou?” “Raising Arizona” and “True Grit” were in a dead heat for the third spot.