Milwaukee Electronic Pop Band Joins 60 Vendors for Event

Madison, WI – The Bodega, a free public market, is excited to welcome GGOOLLDD to Breese Stevens Field on Thursday, June 8. The electronic pop band, based out of Milwaukee, will provide live music during the event.

GGOOLLDD isn’t like other bands – a group as inspired by the shimmery decadence of Queen as they are by the primal yowl of Black Sabbath as they are by the madcap of joy of Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They formed on whim, decided to play their first show mostly as an excuse to host a killer party, and they eschew the traditional gotta-get-a-record-deal game in favor of playing a lot of shows and releasing their own material. That sense of whimsy blended with resolute autonomy is all part of the signature GGOOLLDD aesthetic. And it feeds into their sound – that core tension in GGOOLLDD between winging it and great artistry.

“I’m not going to lie, I’m great at writing a hook,” front woman Margaret Butler says, and is quick to point out that her bandmates are “amazing,” musicians. “But if you ask me what I do, I’m going to tell you that I’m a performer before I tell you that I’m a musician.”

The Bodega features farmers, artisans, antique dealers, and craftsmen selling locally sourced goods and produce. Far from an average farmers market, The Bodega will also feature new interactive displays, a 60’ inflatable zip line and free yard games to ensure a family-friendly event for all. A wide variety of local beers and wine will also be available for purchase.


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Breese Stevens Field is a multi-purpose stadium listed on the National Registry of Historic Places and located in downtown Madison on East Washington Avenue. The facility is managed by Big Top Baseball, the same group that operates the Madison Mallards and three other baseball teams throughout Wisconsin. The stadium hosts athletic events, concerts, community events and more annually.